Incubated in SPO, Green STEM is an environmental protection program designed for educating teenagers. It plays an important role in training talents who could help find solutions to the global environment problems. Green STEM provides PBL opportunities , programming and STEM education for children to help solve the serious energy and environmental issues caused by human activities.

Cooperative Institution

Singapore-Peking-Oxford Research Enterprise(SPO)

The “Singapore-Peking-Oxford” research alliance is called “Singapore-Peking-Oxford Research Enterprise (SPORE, or SPO). Founded in June 2010, SPO was initiated by Mr. Tan Yongshun, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of Singapore, and cooperated with the “Water and Environmental Technology” teaching and research cooperation platform established by three global universities including the National University of Singapore, Peking University and Oxford University.

Academic support

Domestic and foreign research laboratories

Environmental and Energy Information Engineering Laboratory of Peking University

Shenzhen Key Technology of Solar and Wind Energy Desalination Engineering

Water System Innovation Center of Perking University

Mangrove Ecology Research Center of Perking University

International exhibitions and academic conferences

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